Autism Multiplied

The art of raising quadruplets: 2 with ASD, 2 without


This was the first year all 4 of my kids actually went trick-or-treating fairly successfully.  Peanut only fell on her face twice (she’s infamous for not lifting her feet up when she walks, so that’s pretty good).  Eguy only invaded people’s personal space occasionally.  JB led the charge (this is his 2nd successful year), not wanting to stop despite his utter exhaustion by the end.  LT was hesitant at first (last year he had to stay home for most of it) but when we told him he could check out everyone’s “cool doors” he launched himself eagerly out of the wagon to trick-or-treat with the group.  He is obsessed with doors, if you recall.

We have done a theme every year.  Sometime at the end of September I get the kids into the theme by buying them a little action figure of their characters and a book about them.  They are always super excited by the time Halloween comes around.  Since the ASD diagnoses, the twins have only worn “sweatshirt” like costumes due to sensory issues, so that always adds to the challenge.  This year JB was actually able to wear a more standard costume.  Baby steps, people! 🙂


Toy Story … a big hit, especially Mr. Potato Head (if you’re already brainstorming for 2016).


And just because quadruplets in costume are so much fun ….

2014: Star Wars


In retrospect, providing light sabers to 4 year old quadruplets wasn’t my smartest plan



2013: Mario Brothers

2012: Super heroes


Eguy hating his costume until he loved it because toddlers.


2011: Wizard of Oz


4 little pumpkins, before they could escape these photo ops!

4 little pumpkins, before they could escape these photo ops!


2010: Two pumpkins and two skeletons


Yeah, we kinda phoned the first year in … I may have slept walked through that month.

Themed suggestions involving 1 girl, 3 boys (2 of whom need fairly uncomplicated costumes due to sensory issues) for 2016 are greatly appreciated although I think I’ve exhausted the ones meeting those criteria.  Also, if they start to care about what they want to be, I will stop the themes because I’m not mean. 🙂




  1. Jen

    Very cute! Awesome that you can still use your quad wagon!!!!

  2. G.G. Andrew

    Oh, God, these pics…especially the Star Wars…so cute! Glad it went well this year. We did…okay. Did you happen to see a UFO in the DH that night? I saw this weird red and green light I couldn’t identify, LOL. Probably was a drone or something. 🙂

  3. awesome! thank you for sharing these – I always love your posts.

  4. Just checking in…hope all is well on your end!

  5. Howdy! Hope all is well!

  6. Popping in to say Hi!

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